Life after two timezones

At last I am home (and have been for a few weeks now) and I have now had time to recover from jet lag as well. Mind and body are now in the same time-zone at last.

The month that I have spent in Canada has been one of the best of my life. So lets talk about the final part of my trip. Now that we have completed part one (Mozilla Summit '10, a late overview) and two (How To: Extend A Free Vacation).

So what have I done with my self since I got back? Nothing much… I have worked a little on something for “The Mozilla Universe”, as well as fought tiki-wiki so that I can finally get it working and help Roland Tanglao with some work on All in all, I have been very lazy.

So health wise you will be glad to know that I am fine, I am restricted in what I can do thanks to a difference of opinion between the doctor I had in Canada and my doctor here. So nothing that could possibly exert my self till I have my follow up x-ray at the end of the month.

It is almost time for me to get my results from the A-Levels and the decision on how Mozilla orientated my life is going to be for the next year.

On the whole. This experience has been a beneficial one to me. I have learned a lot about what life working at Mozilla can be like. I have made more friends in the weeks that I was in Canada than I have in the past 6 months, and life seems to have more meaning. As does the importance of the open web. Without it… I would not have had the chance to even visit Canada. I would not have been able to make so many new friends. I wouldn’t have been able to stay in contact with my parents here in the UK while I was stranded abroad with a collapsed lung. I would have had nothing in the way of normality for almost a month, and I would have gone (even more) mad!

This tool we use day-in and day-out is so valuable. Let’s make sure that no matter what I do with my next 12 months. We make them well spent and as beneficial to a more open web as possible.