TinkerSoc Presentation [ReMo]

TinkerSoc Presentation [ReMo]

So last night was one of my weekly meetings at the Tinker Society here are the University Of Kent. The Tinker Society is:

“…for people who love to share their creativity with like-minded people, and collaborate in designs and projects that are, simply, awesome. Having people from a variety of different backgrounds gives us the chance to look at problems from various different perspectives. We welcome everyone from every discipline, whether you are a Law student or an engineer we can guarantee you will learn something new and have fun in our events!”

It was a good night with some very interesting presentations for satellite photography of the planet to measure climate change, to android debugging, and even biometrics. Basically it was a night where people who wanted to, did a presentation on something they either did, do, or have and interest in. So… you can guess what I did a presentation on 😜.

The presentation was based on that I did at the Firefox 4 Launch Part in London where I spoke about who Mozilla are and what we do, as well as why we do it. I took out the history of Mozilla part as I only had 15 minutes to do the presentation. Which you can find the slides for bellow as well as (provided I got it working) my notes on what to say for each slide.

A big shout out goes to Paul Rouget for the creation of dzslides which I used as the framework, the people behind the new brand toolkit, as well as everyone involved in the creation of the videos and demonstrations used.