Okay… so despite the title there this post is not listed as being in the Mozilla category. Why? well this one is more personal than anything else. It is a funny thing in life, as to what you can end up doing while waiting on people to arrive from another country, one you recently left in fact, to also arrive.

So it is the day after FOSDEM and I am waiting on Santiago to arrive into the UK from Brussels, and I have a good 4 hours to wait. I spent some time getting a coffee, mooching around, using the free wifi that resides in St’ Pancras, patiently waiting for the EuroStar to come in. When I get asked by someone of that tellebox thing (not sure what it is… I have only ever heard of the interwob) if I can spend a few moments to help with an experiment for Bang Goes The Theory. I then get asked again later on.

Bang Goes The Theory

Your never going to guess what TV show I was on today 😜. Visit iPlayer to see me, on Bang Goes The Theory!