What's your style?

Gorjan's Persona

Ever wanted to change the wallpapers in your room? 3 times a day? Well with Firefox 3.6 that is now possible for your browser thanks to its integrated Personas.[1] With more than 30000 personas to choose from (and more every day), you can theme Firefox just the way you like it. It’s super easy as well to create your very own Personas and add them to the gallery, and be among thousands of other designers from all over the world!

To help us find out which Personas out there you love the most, we present you with a challenge, to help celebrate the launch of Firefox 3.6 and its newest and possibly greatest feature. We want you to show off your Firefox with your favourite Personas installed. We have even taken the time out to do it have already done our own Perosna-portraits ourselves, as well as and provided you with some great tools to help you get started.

So what are you waiting for? Head to www.spreadfirefox.com/get-personas and share your style with the world!

Oh, and the picture you see here? That is Gorjan from Mozilla Macedonia showing off just one of the ways you can join in!

  1. For those of you that are new to the Personas feature, they are lightweight themes for Firefox that are easy to install and chage without the need to restart your browser. ↩︎