Thinking of starting a blog in markdown…

[This is a cross-post from while I get my bearings on how to use/if I like]

Okay… so I have been toying with this idea for a while since I noticed that Paul Rouget does his blog using some simple scripts (well at one point I don't know about now). “This…” I thought to myself, “is a great way to do a simple blog!” No need for complex systems that can go wrong, just a little markdown or what have you, something to get it on the web, and if you want it to look nice… something to convert that into html.

I recently took to using todo.txt for my todo list. There are a number of benefits I have already noticed and the biggest is that it just works. I have the bash script and the todo list in my dropbox so that I have access anywhere! I even added a simple line to my .bashrc file to show my todo list whenever I open a terminal… which is quite often 😃.

Okay… that is all for this first post. I am going to cross-post this to my wordpress blog for now however if things go well, and calepin works well, I might make the switch permanent (well… for the little things).