The ancient art

It is not often that, in this day and age, someone will sit down and write a letter, an I mean write one by hand. It is so much more convenient and a lot quicker to simply type it up on a computer. It has gotten to the point where handwriting is now more of an art than a form of communication.

This is in no small part due to modern technology. This adds to the art of using pen and paper, whether the text be for diary or letter.

Maybe it is okay that writing is becoming a rarity and art form. Maybe it is okay that modern man is becoming more reliant on machine to aid us in expressing ourselves.

One thing that we should all do from time to time is partake in this art. I challenge you to write, by hand, one letter to a friend or family member before the end of the month. Trust me, it will feel good in itself and the response will be soo much better. That little extra time makes all the difference.

Now stop reading this and get writing!