Quick Filter - Thunderbird 3.1

Quick Filter - Thunderbird 3.1

So for the past few days I have been stuck in Vancouver with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Well… that would have been true had I not discovered the Mozilla Messaging Vancouver office and the great people inside. They set me a challenge, and I passed with flying colours. This challenge was to tell you about the great new “Quick Filter” toolbar in Thunderbird 3.1.

So maybe a short history?

After the release of Thunderbird 3.0 the guys here at Mozilla Messaging re-examined the “Quick Search” feature from Thunderbird 2. It was fast but somewhat opaque, but it did allow people to find messages within the current folder. The team then went away and did all their homework (with no excuses about dogs eating it!) and found out that people loved this feature and they decided to make it even better.

This is why you now have the marvel of the Quick Filter toolbar.

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