Okay so using a hashtag in my title, real smooth, but it helps for twitter 😜 Any whoo…

GARRRRR!!!! This morning has been horrendous so far. Well… it was fine until I went to catch a bus that was almost half an hour late! Not only was it late but it smelt bad, and had obviously not been cleaned for quite some time, the floor was sticky, the hand rails were sticky, the walls were sticky, not to mention the amount of dirt and dust that flew off the seat when you touched it (I’m not sure how I even had the courage to do that)!

It all just goes with my theory that public transport SUCKS!!!! Well… at least where I live. I live on a main road (an A road in fact) so you would expect a semi-regular service yes? NO! Once an hour, and a two hour gap mid-day so that all the drivers can have lunch at the same time.

This is not the only thing that leads me to my conclusion, the buses are regularly 5-10 minutes later than timetabled (why not just change the timetables Country Liner?!). On top of this they are not very good value for money, it cost an impressive £2.70 return for a 4-5 minute journey! That is for there and back, no extra usage, two journeys and that is all you get, and as most of the buses are filthy you don’t normally want to make the first trip let alone the second!

Country Liner

Not once have I ever seen a bus that looks as clean as those above from the service that runs my route. Not once!

Honestly, I don’t understand how the buses can be so bad, nor the trains for that matter. In this country a few cm of snow or a few leaves and instantly the whole system goes to pot.


Well, I guess I should stop ranting and get on with some work now. Worst thing is, I know I have to get on the bus again later today! 😒