Post Titles Are Hard....!

Okay so today has been the first day back to blogging and normal life. I am well (for the most part) and I have had a relatively interesting day… one thing I can say is that driving is a lot easier and at the same time harder than I first thought!

So yes, I have had a driving lesson today. My first in fact. I have to say I think it went well! I am still alive, as is the instructor and everyone else… well, unless they were so tiny that they would be invisible to the naked eye, and I hit them with the wheel 😜

Also, I have come to the conclusion that vlogs are not my thing. I have nothing to say in them, and I would rather people not read this, than trolls lol at me on the Tube of You.

On another note this post is random, jumpy and has no title… so hehehehehe. Yes I am in that sort of mood.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I have spent the remainder of my day (after driving, and maths homework) reading articles on privacy. It comes to my mind that there are very mixed opinions on the coming social age that most agree is happening. The big question is will it be for better or worse? I personally have to agree in part with Google on the opinion that “If you don’t want people to know about it, don’t do it in the first place.”

So that might not be the case all the time but for the most part I think it is a general rule you should follow, you have to do it in the land of meat so why not on the land of 1’s and 0’s? Sure in the land of meat there is little to no permanent record however people can still find out and it can still spread.

On the flip side there are occasions that privacy is a must or an appreciated right. So how do we strike that balance? Well most services allow you to control what you share but those options are rarely used by a large number of people.

So… what is your opinion on the matter? The social age for better? Or worse?