Playing with the workday.

Playing with the workday.

For the past 8 months or so I’ve had the same basic morning routine.

  • Get up at 6:30am and run through the 3 Ss[1].
  • Hop on the train at 7:30 from the village train station.
  • Sleep on the tain for an extra hour ;)
  • Arrive in London followed by 30 minute walk (when walking slowly) to the office.
  • Coffee. Email. RSS.

This routine has served me well however now I feel its time for a bit of a shake up. Despite having honed this routine down to a fine art I’m still at my most productive in the afternoon/evening.

Most of meetings (on the days I do have them) are in the afternoon, and I like to work on action items from them after. Not wait. This means that all too often (even though its my choice, and I pace myself well) I’m in the office 9 till 9. This means not getting home till almost 11pm! Maybe its time to change this up. Right now I’m no worse the wear for this day… but it will likely catch up with me at some point. We all fear the dreaded burnout.

I need a good launch point to do this change though. Why not the start of the month? Makes sense to me. So here’s the plan.

  • Get up at 8am and run through the 3 Ss.
  • First (small) coffee followed by RSS. At home.
  • Get the 9:50am train to London.
  • Arrive at work around 11:30am.
  • Coffee. Email. Lunch. Daily tasks.
  • Leave work at 9pm.

This means that I’ll be offsetting my working day to my most productive hours, and even better… straddling the EU vs US time zones better.

RFC:[2] What are your thoughts on this? What is your workflow/workday like?

  1. S**t. Shave. Shower. ↩︎

  2. Request For Comment. ↩︎