Note to *past* self

Note to *past* self

I consume a lot of content online. My RSS feed reader is always bursting at the seams, however once in a while I spot something that I just have to remix. This article if you can call it that is one of those, and it got me wondering what advice Mozillians would give to their younger selves, not knowing what lay ahead of them.

Time to start a round of blog post tag. Something that used to happen once upon a time, and still happens every so often on YouTube.

Lets make this simple for those who’ve not done this before.

Starting post

Final Day of Secondary School

FuzzyFox at 16 years old. Final day of secondary school.

Note to self gone by:
It's fine to want to be like others. Just be your self though. Its you at your best.

Blog Post Tag

  • You can only tag 3 people from your post (though you don' have to be tagged to join in).
  • You should post a photo that shows you in the past (not a requirement though).
  • Your note can only consist of a single paragraph, or in simpler terms, you have to be able to write it on a sticky note in sharpie.
  • You must copy these rules (including this one) into your response along with the names of the 3 people you tag.

I tag: