Mozilla Communities Theme

Mozilla Communities Theme

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I have sort of fallen for this design, and as you can probably see, I use it quite a lot now. I have almost taken it under my wing as such and am working out the kinks in it as I go. So far I have made very few changes to the wordpress theme however I did find, that the mcs drupal theme did not work correctly and so I spent a while fixing some of the main issues in it. I have also created an open office template file for anyone wanting to to a Mozilla Community presentation. So feel free to download either of the two and let me know if you have any problems with them.

Drupal Theme: (1.7mb)
Presentaion Theme: presentation.otp (259.6kb)

My thanks go out to Gandalf for making the theme a reality in the first place. Without his work, well, this wouldn�t be here really would it :D


[NOTE: the drupal theme is still under work so there are likely to be quite a few bugs with it.]