MozHunt - The write-up


MozHunt was a community run, community created game for the community, that is, the Mozilla community.

We recently ran the largest and most successful MozHunt ever (well there have only been 2 but…) and this was the first time the project ran under its new name.

The project started in Easter when I came up with the idea of running an Easter Egg Hunt within some of the most popular Mozilla community sites (such as,,, etc…). It turned out to be quite popular and was a big success as a trial run for the larger aim of creating an activity that people could partake in during Firefox 3.5 launch parties. The only problem is that there were some people who got a little too addicted to the game and lost a lot of valuable sleeping time due to their need to find the hidden eggs.

After the success of the Easter Egg Hunt and the creation of the projects name by a certain Jesse Ruderman, work began to change the way that tokens (the pandas) were added to peoples collections.

The actual game play of the hunt was simple. Browse the web while keeping your eyes peeled for 5 different pandas on 21 different websites within the Mozilla community. Once you find a panda you simply click the panda and, provided all goes well, nothing seems to happen other than a page refresh. Then you go on your way to another site.

Running Panda zzZZ Panda Waving Panda
Exploration Panda Face Plant Panda

The most recent hunt, now known as MozHunt 2009, was again a success with 96 hunters and, well, you know how many sites there were hiding pandas (21 in case you forgot already). The winner had a grand total of 13 pandas in their collection which is.. considering how hard this one was a very respectable score.

  1. jeff_themovie with 13 pandas
  2. ebk with 9 pandas
  3. dailycavalier with 7 pandas
  4. pcabellor with 5 pandas
  5. griebeler with 5 pandas

Top 5 hunters from MozHunt 2009

What did the winner get? you ask? Well at this current time we are now in the process of sending the winner their swag but it will consist of some cool Mozilla Swag and a one off, limited edition, MozHunt t-shirt.

As soon as we get some more information from the winner and the contents of their Mozilla swag I will do a follow up post. Just for you!