More Mozilla UK work

Okay… so I am happy with the Analysis section of document I have been writing and so will transfer that to a wiki page in the next few hours, I am now moving on the development. This is where I am going to be talking entirely about my proposed system. This can be discussed etc… however after doing a lot of research there is not much out there in the way of up-to-date, lightweight cms that get out of your way in terms of the front end and database structure, yet make life super easy on the backend. Most that I found / know have either been left to gather dust over the past two years, or add way too much in the way of feature we are not looking for / want. So I have started / will continue regardless, developing a small set of tools based on the open source php framework known as CodeIgniter.

The language choice is simply because I am very comfortable / have more experience with php, and the framework is chosen for being robust, secure, and still being developed.

The wireframes that I have created are currently being worked on very kindly by Jan to be come much prettier mockups.

So… the wiki page where I will be putting the analysis section is

As for the code I am working on the tools are being developed under the name SandCastle, and there is a public git repository at

As ever, feedback welcomed / wanted.