Means to an end

Means to an end

That for me, is what university has always been about. The end hasn’t changed too much either if I’m honest with myself, though I have doubted the means a few times.

Back in July (2013) I wrote a post to my Year In Industry journal called “First day on the job.” The title of that post was lie. For me it wasn’t my first day, it was simply another milestone in my Mozilla involvement.

I started with the out by using the ever famous quote:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


My job choice was made well before writing that post, and still holds true. It is the very reason why I’ve doubted the means. I’ve never really doubted the end. I guess thats a good thing. But why have I doubted the means? And why am I sticking with it?

Well, I guess the answer comes from my peers rather than myself. Its kind of a good version of peer pressure to stick with the cause, combined with my determination to not quit something I know I can do.

Many times over the past 12 months I’ve doubted the value of having a degree (from anywhere) for my career choice. Sure having a degree comes with a semi-automatic attachment of trust, respect, and confidence in my skills/knowledge. However for me these are things that I’ve either proven over the years or should prove in their own right. Not hidden away behind a piece of paper.

I’ve long thought that the existing education system is broken, and this just keeps getting reaffirmed for me. There are no other really recognised systems out there (though open badges are on the rise now) and in our culture having a degree, or similar piece of paper, means people can be lazy and make judgement on you at a glance. Be it for job application, visa application, etc…

What a lovely world this is…

The problem for me is that some of the needs for these things are going to affect my ability to pursue my career path life ambitions.

So university. A means to and end still. Its one that I’m not sure of, but its the only current sure fire method of getting where I want to go. That and I don’t like to quit.