MCR has a new logo

Before you start thinking, “Why the F*** has My Chemical Romance got a new logo?” don’t! I am a Mozilla fan-boy and so MCR for me stands for Mozilla Campus Reps. 😜

Mozilla Campus Reps Logo

Long overdue (by a few years O.O ), the Mozilla Campus Reps programme now has its very own visual identity. As a Mozilla Campus Rep myself I am very, very, very, etc… impressed. The logo has been dubed “The Shield” and is the first phase of a project Jay Patel (Leader of the Campus Reps programme) to designing a new visual identity for the programme and the programmes new guide aptly named the Campus Reps Guide which, is planned for print before we all return to college for autumn.

With this new image we Campus Reps have something that we can all use that unites us a lot better than just a title. With new possibilities for posters, flyers, business cards, buttons, badges, banners, t-shirts, backgrounds, etc…

Special thanks goes out to Jay Patel for organising this and Nobox for the design.

NOTE: Jay would like to ask that the logo not be used until a set of logo usage guidelines are in place. Thank you.