Lighting up the whole world!

Lighting up the whole world!

Mozilla is coming up on a huge milestone soon. It happens to be the 5 year anniversary of Mozilla Firefox. Less than one week after November the 5th no less! How very dare they 😜. Well okay you may not get that but November the 5th is a big, big event in Lewes (find out more) and it involves a lot of light. If I had known at the a few months earlier that Mozilla planned to celebrate this anniversary with light, I would have done something spectacular. Now though. There is no chance for me to put plan A into action so now I am thinking of plan B. The idea of the whole “Light the world with Firefox” is to put together for the most creative uses of the Firefox logo with light.

Here are some of the ideas Mozilla have provided but don’t feel limited by these. Go do something creative!

Firefox Light

  • Spotlight: Borrow a projectorand shine the Firefox logo on the wall during a Firefox party, or make a logo stencil and place it in front of a flashlight for a cool effect (think shadow puppets). Or, go crazy and get a searchlight to create your very own Firefox “bat signal”.
  • Mash-Up: Think of the most interesting way you can combine Firefox and light. For example, create the logo out of candles on a birthday cake, program your very own lite-brite or light show, or create a fun wallpaper! If you’re really have a lot of time on your hands (and skills) you could even create a light show. The more creative, the better.
  • Mobile: Get the Firefox logo on your phone and take a picture holding it in front of a local landmark. Or, organize a bunch of friends for a big group photo with the logo on everyone’s phones.

There are other ways you can celebrate, including the good old fashioned party, which, should you host, you need to invite me to 😜

There is also a facebook group as well as a twibbon! So you have no excuse for doing nothing to celebrate this one off event. There wont be another party quite like this for another 5 years! Make the most of it!

Oh, and one last thing of note. There is a hashtag for you to use for any videos, pictures or blog posts. #firefox 5