Its been a long while

Well, maybe not a long while but it has been a while. Since my last post Mozilla Firefox 3.5 has been released and so, MozHunt has been launched as well! Unfortunately I write this post with only 2 days left of the hunt. Don’t worry though, if you do still want to take part there are several clues available on the site. So here is a round up of all that has happened since my last post!

College is over, for this academic year anyway. I am now the college radio station manager and so I have a lot more work to do next year (again academic).

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 was launched and at the same time a global phenomenon occurred and the entire planet felt a series of shock-waves as it approached. The planet nearly fell to pieces as it landed due to the HUGE super shock-wave that it caused.

At the same time as Mozilla Firefox 3.5 launching MozHunt started and made a splash. The winner of the game will be on the receiving end of some great Mozilla Swag and a MozHunt t-shirt.

I started work on the next version of MozHunt (ready for easter but still…) and I created a new badge for users of Mozillaca.

That is the quick and most important bits. Now that I am off college you can look forward to a lot more from me on this blog. Oh and hopefully some more graphics work!