I'm not dead!

Okay so that may seem like a little bit of an odd blog post title, but it’ll make sense to the target audience (I hope :P), but for the past couple of months I’ve been basically dead to the world beyond university. Unfortunately once again exams came and consumed my time. Something that I now wont have to worry about again until 2015 (should these have gone well).

So… time to get back into full pace Mozilla. I’ve started out these past couple of weeks since finishing exams catching up on where Mozilla is, and what has been going on around the Mozilla ecosystem. This weekend I shift my focus to clearing my inboxes, bugs, and getting back in contact with my mentees.

This is just the first of a number of posts that I have planned for my return to action. I’m going to stagger them though so that I can get into a much more regular blogging pattern. I have the feeling I’m going to need it in the coming year.

To all those who I’ve left in the lurch for the past two months. I cannot apologise more. Drop me an email if there’s anything I can do in the coming week to help out, or make a mends for my extended absence from the Mozillaverse.

Additional: This blog is now going to be dedicated to my activities with Mozilla. For anything else I will be using my Tumblr.