I'm for hire!

In the coming weeks I will heading back into college for the last year, and, as a part of this year, my computing course (one of my three chosen subjects) requires that I complete a project from start to finish as if it was for a business client. The only way to achieve this is to get a real client and do the work for them. So, I am for hire at a very reasonable cost of $0! That’s right $0!

I would love for this project to contribute to the Mozilla eco-system so planet.mozilla.org, throw me some proposals for projects that have a level of complexity that an amateur web developer can achieve. I know C#, JS, PHP, I have a basic understanding of django, and I can learn any C based language with reasonably little effort due to most of my languages being C based.

I have an idea for a project that I can do, that I need fine tuning, however I cannot be the owner of such project nor the creative lead, so I will get the idea down on a wiki page somewhere and if you would like to take control then please do tell me so that we can discuss the idea before I hand it over. I will work in this idea at some point whether it is taken up or not so don’t feel that you have to.

I will also post the mark scheme for the project as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Awaiting any responses with childlike enthusiasm.

UPDATE: This $0 work is only for a Mozilla related project, other projects will come at stupidly low cost.