I’m a teapot! NOT a coffee pot!

I’m a teapot! NOT a coffee pot!

Okay so yesterday while looking up some http status codes for use in Affero I found HTTP/1.0 418 I’m a teapot. This has made wonder, what would the world be like if HTCPCP actually existed and was implemented? It would be a nice little Easter Egg to have for the internet, or even just in Firefox… think of it… you could do it quite easily I should imagine, and although the whole thing is an April Fools RFC it would be great if we could have small little websites full of Mozillary fun and silliness that all require you to use HTCPCP!

So how does it all work? Well… HTCPCP is just an extension of HTTP but using the protocol uri scheme coffee: and instead of posting forms we just BREW them. I love it and it makes me lol 😜

There are other commands however I will let you follow the links to those, but I think that once I have the bulk of Affero complete I will start a smaller side project that uses these rules of HTCPCP and maybe get it to post brew some tweets base on updates to my blog 😄

As for status 418… well, lets just say “I’m a teapot (short and stout) and this coffee machine may be out of coffee!”

Header photo courtesy of Dave Ross