I got mentioned on Bonjour Mozilla!

Woop woop! This post realistically comes under the category Mozilla however anything under that category get sent off to planet.mozilla.org and I don’t want this on there as it would be pointless. Bonjour Mozilla! is also aggregated there and so anyone subscribed to planet would just see this preamble to my giving a link, and quote from the post! This post is more for the benefit of those friends, family and others who follow me via either twitter or facebook and might not have heard! I am honoured to have been mentioned and think what they have written about me is just wonderful! They have me down to a “T”.

He is a strong advocate of the Open Web, who discovered Free Software while learning the art of programming. He does development and web design, and knows several programming languages??.

William started contributing to Mozilla more than five years ago, at the age of 13! He takes care of the community by organizing events, helping them progress, creating fun online activities for the whole Mozilla community and relaying Mozilla’s idea anywhere and anytime. Today, he works to enable more people to get involved with Mozilla. He is a mainstay of Mozilla UK.

You can find the post over at bonjourmozilla.fr/?post/2011/10/31/William-Duyck-alias-FuzzyFox-William-Duyck-aka-FuzzyFox. Phew That’s a long url!