Hierarchy + Entity-Relationship

Okay so it has been a while since my last post on this blog full stop (my last serious blog post), so lets have some good old updating on Affero.


  • The user management system is now complete, however may need a few tweaks along the way
  • Completed user invite system
  • Complete user creation system

Affero Hierarchy Chart

Sorry but I have not gotten to writing the supporting text to go with this part yet… it is on its way. Also I have completed the supporting text for the user interface sketches, and corrected the sketches.

Affero heirarchy chart

Entity-Relationship Models

Affero ERD full sytem

The user / invite system is based on the thinking that each user can invite many other users. Each invite stores information about two users (the one sending the invite, and the one receiving the invite). This will allow in future to track a form of responsibility system (though that is way off for the scope of the coursework project).

The relations between an area and its attributes allow each area can have many skills related to it while each skill can be related to many areas. This will be useful when trying to refine a query on the database and generate a set of recommendations to the user. The most complex relation in this part of the model, which is not shown, is that of area to itself. This is not shown as the model shows relations and NOT associations between entities.

Within the metrics side of the application each metric is an aggregate of activity relating to each area. These aggregates are taken based on the server-side date. Not only is the information on the areas shown/selected by the users stored, but the information as to their locale is also stored. This information will be added to the database utilising the browser user-agent string that is provided by the browser the user is visiting the application from.