Something more than “Hello World!”

I have always hated these “Hello World!” posts so instead I intend to give you something more. I am going to give you something that is a lot more interesting (well I hope so anyway).

Okay so maybe a short about me? Well I am a web developer / designer from Great Britain who is a complete and utter Open Source fan-boy. And proud of it. I am a Mozilla Campus Rep and, as far as I am aware, one of the first people in the world to run an online Easter Egg Hunt. Which you have now missed. Com’on its not Easter any more. Why would it still be running?

Among some of the work I do as a web developer is maintain 3 amazingly frustrating IRC bots, did I tell you I spend a lot of time on These bots are known as CMTBot, FuzzBot, and PandaBot. CMT standing for Community Marketing Team. Which is a Mozilla initiative. FuzzBot is a general all round, lets have some fun with PHP bot, and PandaBot is well under development but by far a step to the future of my IRC Bot challenges.

I lead a busy life which is, even worse now that I am coming to my AS Level Exams and so this is the main reason this blog is:

  1. Not of my own design, but it is very nice and credit where due, Mono-Lab did an amazing job.
  2. Not linked to the rest of my site.

Well I promised something more than “Hello World!” and I did deliver. You want more?! Well… Here is a pretty picture:

Pretty Picture

What more do you want?!