Firefox 3.6 - Fashionably Late

Firefox 3.6 - Fashionably Late

Okay, so Firefox 3.6 is a little later than planned, however we are sure that you will find the wait has been worth while. As they say in the world of fame, “it is fashionable to be late”. That is not all that is fashionable about this new version of the browser. Oh no, that is just the start of it.

With a new theme system known as Personas you can now change the look of the browser in seconds, with a choice that just boggles the mind. *How often are you going to want to choose from over 30,000 different themes? *Fashion is not all that Firefox is about however an there have been many changes under the hood that you may not notice. So let us fill in some of the details for you.

For Designers there is now support for CSS gradients as well as WOFF (these are small fonts that you can integrate into a website). This means that not only will you be able to make your sites look good, but they will load faster than ever before.

Firefox Security

Oh and did we mention that Firefox 3.6 is fast? Firefox 3.6 is 20% faster than 3.5, and, if you remember, 3.5 was 3 times faster than Firefox 3. So on the whole, you cant get much faster without the safety that Firefox provides. This safety comes to you in the from of the new plug-in check feature that will allow you to see if your plug-ins are up-to-date, or if they need a little bit of an upgrade.

Programmers of the world. We did not forget you in the slightest. You can now add page orientation to your web apps thanks to the new orientation API. You can also use drag and drop functions as well as use the new FILE API to make your web apps more like desktop apps.

For all those out there that love to customize your browsing experience (with over 6000 Add-ons and over 30,000 Personas), to those of you that love to make the web better. Firefox 3.6 is the browser for you.

So visit and enjoy a faster, safer and more secure way to use the web.