Don't you hate how things never go to plan?

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Okay, so it turns out that this summer has not been as I had hoped… it has however given me a shiny new toy (well… actually I spent a lot of time choosing a tool that would work best for university but it does other cools stuff too!), as well as a much better sense of money. I never was good at finances however I think I am doing quite well now.

This summer I had planned to do a large number of things that never got done and for this I apologise. I did intend to get some updates made to Affero as well as create a tool to track the exposure of hashtags on twitter (about 60% there but not complete). I also wanted to re-write MozHunt and get that out properly with some nice new web technologies that fall under the HTML5 banner. Unfortunately all I have managed to do is drop off the grid even more than when I was taking my exams.

So… here is an update on life in a short sweet list:

  • Started work on a way to track the exposure of hashtags on twitter (more on that to come)
  • Spent the summer working more or less full time for Homebase (my, till very recently, employer) saving for a new computer
  • Got my exam results and discovered that I have been accepted by the University Of Kent. Exactly where I wanted to go!
  • Worked a lot more for Homebase
  • Brought a new computer (MacBook Pro 15?)
  • Left Homebase
  • Wrote this blog post

As I said, short and sweet. I hope to get back into the swing of things as well as catch up on all that I have missed over the summer in the next couple of weeks however it will be a challenge what with moving out of my home to live on campus. This brings me onto my final thought for this post. I’m sure many of you have been to university… what tips, tricks, and recommendations do you have for a Mozillian going to university?