Code Documentation has begun!

Okay so I have finally gotten to getting the code documentation happening. It can all be found at

The documentation is being automatically generated by phpdoc, and the main code that is directly related to Affero can be found by clicking the small drop-down in the top right corner.

Okay, so as it stands here is what is done:

  • The DAL now passes my testcase so yay! BUT I need to rewrite the testcase to account for my change in password hashing, and I could do with rewritting the DAL to utilise the more secure and up-to-date mysqli methods.
  • The utilities class has been started and so far passes all tests, however this class is likely to see future additions as I find more utility style function I need while coding.
  • I have an input class that provides me with some protection against xss attacks
  • I have the database structure in place and ready to get some test data into (more to come on this soon)

Side note: I thought I would share the Affero logo that was created before I discovered a name clash with Affero GPL. This is going to likely mean that the project will soon be renamed however I will change the logo accordingly.