Broken Computer

Okay so right now (this run up to the big launch of mozhunt and Firefox 3.5 just around the corner) is no the best time for my computer to breakdown, but, as luck would have it, it has. This means that for possibly 2 weeks I am going to be without my best mate (okay the best gadget I have, I’m not that sad) just when I need it. So my blog may fall about a week out of date I am afraid but I will get some credit on my phone and you can follow me on twitter for the week.

Unfortunately as I am in the UK and not with Vodafone I cannot read your comments and replies but I will make sure that I check back here every time I get at a computer.

Also don’t worry about mozhunt being delayed, I am working something out right now with a few of the admin team and we will try and pull something out of the bag.

Now for those of you who are a bit geeky and want to offer some help with my laptop. It is a HP dv6000 series entertainment PC brought in 2007 around Xmas, and for reasons beyond my knowledge, it will not turn on. It is almost as if when I hit the power button (and all the alternatives) someone instantly pushes it again and it goes off before having time to even attempt to boot up.

Comments will be looked at as soon as possible so any ideas are welcomed.

Thanks again for following my blog, even though most of you are very quiet about it.

P.S. my twitter is