at the turn of a decade...

at the turn of a decade...

I think it is customary not only to create a small list of new years resolutions, but to make them extra special! So I am starting a meme, you know the rules by now.

The Rules

  1. Copy the rules at the beginning or end of you post
  2. Link to the person who tagged you
  3. Give your top 5 new years resolutions and make them good!
  4. Tag 5 people
  5. The meme does not need to stay in English
  6. By reading the meme you must link to the post you read, and join in, but only have to tag 1 person not 5

Thought I might make this a little more interesting (and a little more viral), so I have added a 6th optional rule, but it does get you bonus points. Writing down your new years resolutions is always a good idea, especially if they are public. It gives you a real drive, cos not only are you doing it for yourself, but you are doing it to look good!

My Top 5

  • In at number 5 there is a very important one for me. I am not the most organized, nor the most productive person in the world, or even my household. So I think that this one is not just for the year, but the new decade. BECOME MORE ORGANIZED AND PRODUCTIVE.

  • 4th is a social one. Being not only a computer geek, but a person who is not that social anyway, this resolution aims to get me more social. Use social networks as they are meant to be used, not just have them for the sake of it. Go out with mates and have some fun out of the house, not just once in a while, but at least once a month.

  • Number 3. A Photo A Day. I am taking an idea from lifehacker here but I love the sound of it, and best of all I can link it in with Mozilla stuff too! I plan on taking a photo every day this year. I will make sure there is a Mozilla themed photo every month, and I challenge the Mozilla Community to do the same! I will be creating a photo gallery soon to gather these images, but hosting will be another matter. I recommend Flickr. Thinking about it, this will help with my number 4

  • Running close to number 1… Number 2. Learn a new language. Properly. Let me explain. I spent 5 years of my eduction so far learning Spanish, I finished my studies in the language about 2 years ago and I barely learned anything that has stuck. I was never fluent and I struggled reading it. So, as there is a Mozilla office in Paris, and I know more French people than any other non-English speaking people. I aim to learn French, then, at the end of my gap year in spring 2011, I am going to go to Paris, meet with some of my French friends and have a conversation. Now I am going to be realistic about this one. It may be a fairly basic conversation BUT it will be fluent, unrehearsed, and in French

The Big Number ONE

Travel, even if it is only in the UK. This is not just travel and enjoy life though. This is travel and help give a big kick up the backside to the United Kingdom and get them learned up on open source, and of course, Mozilla! I finish my education for a year in July this month. So starting August, I am going to dedicate a large chunk of my time, and effort into promoting Mozilla, its mission, and open source on the whole. I will start in my home town, move onto the county (I’m in the county town so county is the next logical step), then the south east of the country, etc…

Okay now to tag some people!

I tag the following people with the “at the turn of the decade” meme:

  • Tom (TMZ), To get him started with his new blog
  • Leo He is a good mate on IRC, and is also working toward my big number one
  • Mary Colvig One of my marketing friends at Mozilla. Just makes sense
  • Jay Patel I am a Campus Rep and as Jay is leaving us. I think he should say why.
  • William Quiviger As one of my French friends, and as a guy I know, I can thank for several surprises. I thought it just fair to surprise him!

Look at this, a 6th person. I started the meme and I broke the rules first. (Oh, noes!)

Sarah Doherty As another Mozilla marketeer, and as Leo has told me he has no blog. But not only that, she is an awesome person to chat with when you can. Should be some awesome resolutions.

A little bonus

A nice wallpaper for the meme.

at the turn of a decade...