Affero Hardware Spec + ChangeLog

Okay so today’s Affero update is in need of some love from you… this hardware spec is an odd one as there is no real hardware requirement for the most part so here is what I have, if you have any other ideas please tell me in the comments bellow (this is one area where I am able to get help from outside sources).

Note: These specifications/requirements are taken from thin air, my backside, and using ubuntu server hardware requirements so some attention is really needed here.

Hardware Specification

There are two main sets of requirements for this application. Those for the server
side which runs the bulk of the application, and those for the client side machines
which are used to interact with the application.

Server-Side Specification

The server-side machine must have:

  • An internet connection
  • A minimum of 128MB RAM
  • A minimum of 1GB disk space
  • Can be a HDD or SSD
  • A minimum of a 32 bit processor running at 1 GHz
  • An Internet connection

Client-Side Specification

The client-side machine must have:

  • A minimum of a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution visual display unit
  • An Internet connection
  • A keyboard
  • A mouse
  • Any requirements of the users chosen operating system - Must be a modern graphical operating system able to run modern browsers


Okay so today I have spent most of my time on Affero focused on the user settings feature, it will allow you to change your password or email address or both all from one form… right now I have passwords set just need to add in my regex for checking valid emails and get that part complete. So nothing much to report on the Affero front today… so here comes the boring list of changes in full.

  • fixed a small bug in the delete user feature that stopped the cancel button from working (and as pointed out by Martin I now need to fix its positioning too)
  • created the user settings feature that so far does the following - Check that a user is logged in before showing form
  • Get the users email and input that into form with username (field disabled as this is non-changeable)
  • For asks for email (if changed we save new one), a new password (optional), a confirm for new password, and a confirm save using old (current) password.
  • Removed session init from the user class and put it in the backend class (parent class)
  • Added for attribute to forms
  • Altered the messages displayed on errors in delete feature
  • Added altered logout feature for delete feature so that confirmation message is possible