Affero Blog Moved (due to unknown issues)

Due to unknown issues I have moved the affero blog to this one :D. So as the post seems to have been destroyed below is the original post from the Affero site.



What is affero? Well Affero is the latin for the word “contribute”, and this is a fitting code name for this webapp.

Affero is a community contribution wizard that is being developed as part of an A-Level course. It aims to make getting people involved in a community easier for those trying to choose where in the community they want to help out.

Where did the idea come from?

Well the idea came from a Mr David W Boswell of the Mozilla Foundation. He wanted to try to create a system whereby it could be made easy for people to get started in the community, and not have to trawl the 100+ websites in the community, to find something they wanted to do.

As it stands this is a huge hurdle for most new contributors to the Mozilla community. With lots of documentation on many sites, it can all become a blur.

A note development

Right now the sole developer of this webapp is ofcourse myself, and, due to restrictions by my exam board I cannot get help from others (:(). Never fear however, you can follow my progress on this project, fork the codebase, even make your own changes! I just wont be able to add them to my own work till after I have handed the final project over to the examboard (not this one, but the offical documentation) of the project.

How the project is being coded

This project is utilizing the test driven development process, so there will be lots of tests before code appears. Some will pass, others will fail, that is just how this is meant to work. By the end of it all should pass and I can get onto doing the best part of the job… working with you!

A little about myself

So by now most of you reading this will know who I am, however for those that do not I recommend you visit my site to learn a little bit about the person writing you this awesome little webapp. Visit