A long overdue update.


I've moved! Well... not physically, just my website and blog.

I've been the proud owner of *.wduyck.com for quite some time now, though recently, thanks to being a student still/again, I was able to get my mitts on a new domain at zero cost. Welcome to *.wduyck.me!

The main changes I'm putting into place are my blogging platform (now ghost) and website revamp. Not everything will be making the move to the new site however, and the old one is not going anywhere. My plans are to use my .me domain for all my more personal things such as this blog and my random musings, while making the .com more about any projects and work type things.

During the transition some things may become a little squrily however this should only be for a short time while I finish making my final ajustments.

Student Life

Once again I am a full time student. Infact I have been for several months now. This unforunate circumstance has meant that I've lost a lot of the routine I had not only grown to love, but also depend on. At this present time my inbox has gone wild having seen very little love, my regular weeknotes are well... non-existant, and even my task management has gone awry :(

I can however report that I am well... eating lots of pasta, and getting the grades I need to leave this place once and for all.

Oh, and the not having moved physically is a little bit of a fib, I am once again living in Canterbury :\


Erm... yeah. There hasn't really been much of that since I got back to uni. Having lost a reasonable amount of productivity, and with the shift in workload and other commitments I kinda dropped the ball a little. Though I see this post as a start to me getting my arse back into gear and getting stuck in again.

I still hold the Mozilla values close to my heart, and do what I can whenever I see the chance to promote a better, open web. You can expect a lot more to be comming from me going forward, and I hope you'll hold me accountable to that.

Till the next post.