A little help needed

I have recently thought about how nice it would be to have a custom backed phone. I did after all, buy my phone for many reasons and one of which was the ability to customise it. Another, so that I could help beta test Mozilla Firefox as well as, potentially go bug hunting!

I am also – as many of you know – completely obsessed by Mozilla. So this leads me to want to have a Mozilla looking phone. So… I spent an hour today looking through the creative collective for some of my favourite designs that I thought might work. Then applied these very quickly to a psd of the rear end of my phone (the Google Nexus One). I am now stuck between a choice of two designs, even thought I made four mock-ups.

I decided that the darker (colour wise not tone wise) designs worked better than the light ones. So I put it to you to help me with a vote. Once I have a winner I will get in contact with HTC (the people who really make the phone), and ask them how much it will cost me to get them to make this a reality.

So, for clarity these designs wrap the phone on the darker grey panels, which, should be easy enough to remove, and replace. As well as get customized. It also leaves some of the phones original good looks intact (the phone looks good anyway, I just want to make it better).

Just a few moments before this post hits the internet I uploaded the two designs of choice to the creative collective for an easy way for me to collect votes. The winner will be the one with the most likes on the collective! So for the choices (click the mock-ups to go and vote for the one you like):

Firefox Boy Nexus

Create a Big Nexus Idea

Time to vote then! The contest ends at 12 pm (lunch time) on August 30th.

Please do help me out here I really cannot make up my mind.