The Page Of Terror!

The Page Of Terror!

Nothing is ever finished. There is always more you can do.
-- Unknown

Right now this page is just a list… exactly what it won't be once I'm done with it. Once complete this page will have all my current objectives, as well as an indicator of how close I feel I am to completing them. It'll be a dashboard of sorts I guess.

Current objectives

  • Be able to make the perfect cappuccino with the office coffee machine.
    • I think I'm getting there now ;)


  • Be able to strike a balance of working on projects of higher importance / urgency vs low importance / lack-of-urgency.
    • This is harder for me to measure... it will be gauged toward the end of the placement by taking a look back at my notebook.


  • Refine my skills of event organisation/planning/running.
    • Reasonably confident here.

event running

  • Explore the educational side of computing, and the possibility of furthering my skills in that area.
    • This is something I am falling more and more in love with the idea of doing. Skill share is at the heart of open culture and its something I can see myself doing more of when I leave my placement.


  • Explore the possibilities, and skills required to become Euro-Gunner
    • Yeah. Huge love bomb to the real Gunner for giving me pointers here!