[This is a cross/guest post by Melissa Romaine]

I was invited to check out MozFest in Tokyo on September 15th, and ended up not only getting my digital hands dirty on a number of cool projects, but also spending the week with the amazing Mozilla Japan team and learning about the things they’re getting into. MozFest in Tokyo was the first localized version of the annual Mozilla Festival that happens in London, this year from October 25-27. A number of the sessions from MozFest in Tokyo will be there as well, so come by and check them out!

Later that week, MozJP – along with the “Father of Japan’s Internet and 2013 Inductee to the Internet Hall of Fame, Prof. Jun Murai – launched MozBus, a huge orange camper van with a satellite outfitted on top, that will travel around the country providing not only Internet access to remote areas, but also a 3D printer, educational workshops, and a chance to communicate with a much larger audience. This bus is one good thing that’s come out of the Fukushima disaster.

See photos and read more about these brilliant activities on my blog here.

Thanks Will!